Greeting from the president of the KSAE

Looking forward to a new leap forward for the KSAE.

Experts and staffs of Korean association organizations! KSAE was Established in 2015 to promote efficient operation of association organizations.
The purpose of establishment is striving to strengthen the expertise and writing law enforcement capabilities of the association, including strengthening the capacity of the association, securing operating resources, developing the business, and promoting internationalization.

In the meantime, more than 30,000 associations have been formed and located in the middle of the private-government sector and was made effort for serving as a gathering of opinions, advocacy of rights, and policy suggestions.
In particular, in 2019, the KSAE held the 1st Korea Association Day, a meaningful event that the association is the first to be the owner. and the Association Leaders Meeting held at the same time. The meeting was purposed to expand the social influence of the association and strengthen its capabilities.

Korean association organizations are taking a new leap forward. Let's keep in mind that the future of the association lies in the hands of our members, and let's work with the KSAE to make the new values and future of the Korean association stronger.

Thank you.

Introduction to KSAE


The Korean Society of Association Executives (KSAE) was established in 2014 as a member of the Korean Association,
academic society, and organizations.

It is an organization that aims to enhance the expertise of the private sector, foster global capabilities, and establish governance in line with the direction in which professional organizational power is needed rather than government power in industry growth in line with the changing global trends.


Representing the KSAE. It contains the founding ideology of KSAE to play a shining role like stars for social development.

Purpose of establishment

Purpose of establishment

Improving the internal and external status of associations and organizations through KSAE

Improving the professionalism of members of associations and organizations

Explore characteristics of associations and organizations and consult on business development for individual organizations.

The development of associations and organizations job creation projects

Contribute to promoting the globalization of associations and organizations


Platform role in association and organization operation

Strengthening the role of members of associations and organizations and enhancing their expertise

Contributions to the expansion of business and discovery of financial resources of associations and organizations

Extending the connectivity of MICE Operations Association and group operations

Contribute to promoting the globalization of associations and organizations